Testimony of the Powerful and Fierce of Herbal Orimarru



In this post we present testimony and the testimony of a real consumer Orimarru with the permission of Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’ala cured of the disease after eating Orimarru either through dose CLEANSING, PROTECTING, or BALANCING.  Among the types of diseases cured or improved after taking ORIMARRU are:

  • Diabetes

  • Cholesterol

  • Uric Acid

  • Asthma

  • Coronary Heart

  • Headache / migraine

  • Cancer

  • Tumor

  • Diabetes

  • Brittle bones

  • Kidney

  • Thrush

  • Pins and needles

  • Blood pressure / high tension

Here’s the full testimony:

Name: Ir. Joko Rayono. Occupation: PNS PUSPITEK BATAN Serpong. “I have excess cholesterol and uric acid for years. On 14 Sept 2011, blood lab test results showed levels of total cholesterol: 220, LDL: 148, gout: 8, triglycerides: 110. With these figures, the body always feels sore even after taking medication from a doctor. In early January 2012 I went to Muntilan and met with an agent that recommends ORIMARRU ORIMARU ORIMARRU Jogjakarta. Then I eat them for 3 weeks (2 bottles), and then on January 24, 2012 I did a blood test at Harapan Kita Hospital. Apparently, SubhanAllah, the results show a drastic reduction, namely: total cholesterol: 169, LDL: 118, uric acid: 5.4, triglycerides: 89, but I do not have a diet “. (my mobile number : 081 511 008 140).

Name: Siswanto. Occupation: Civil Servant Public Works Department Jogjakarta. Address: Gendingsari RT.09 / 3, Kalasan, Jogjakarta. “I am a permanent asthma, high cholesterol and uric acid. During this time I was always taking asthma medication from a doctor. My blood test results were total cholesterol: 200, gout: 7, fasting glucose: 110. Then I recommended one of his office mates to consume products ORIMARU ORIMARRU. After about 2-3 bottles depleted, the results of a blood test lab. show impairment far enough, namely total cholesterol: 154, uric acid: 4, fasting glucose: 92. After that, I no longer feel the disturbance asthma, and I was NOT taking another asthma medication from a doctor. Alhamdulillah “. (my mobile number: 085 868 625 600).

Name: Yusuf Purwantoko, BSc. Occupation: Civil servants in the Faculty of Geography. “I suffered a stroke and coronary heart disease in 2008. Then in 2011 I was diagnosed also have blockage in the coronary arteries in two places the doctor requires vessels to be installed ring. In January 2012, I was taking ORIMARU ORIMARRU and after that the body felt more fresh, tasty and light. Later, I checked with a doctor to see ECHO by blockage in my coronary arteries, it turns out …. the blockage was not found again …. and the doctor who examined seemed rather surprised. It ORIMARU ORIMARRU is miraculous … “(my mobile number: 08562938729).

Name: Achmad Syaebani. Principal SD Muhammadiyah Sriwedari, Muntilan, Magelang. Age: 55 years old. “I’ve had kidney failure since 10 years ago. It has been several years could only lie in bed. Then I take out 3 bottles ORIMARU ORIMARRU. Alhamdulillah, the body feels fresh and healthy, and now I can sit down, although only be for 30 minutes. And the healing process and treatment continues to be done by taking ORIMARU ORIMARRU “.

I Anang Syamsunihar, impaired the local joints, especially the knees, from 1996. Knee cartilage thinning so I had extreme pain I feel. Even for sholatpun I had to sit on chairs, various medical and alternative treatments I’ve already done, but have not shown significant changes. “” Thank God, after I met and consume Orimarru, I feel there is a significant change in my illness, I’ve even dared to mengandarai car alone from Jember to Denpasar, it was something that was not possible before I do. “” I have now been freed from dependence on pain relief medication. My endurance is now increased, the former often get migraines and flu, now it is not anymore. “” And now outstanding, my activity was not using crutches body again! “ Anang Syamsunihar, Ph.D.Agricultural Faculty – University of Jember, Jl. 37 Jember Kalimantan INDONESIA, Office Phone: (0331) 337 828, FAX: (0331) 338 422, Mobile: 085 236 826 666, Email: asymsunihar.faperta @ unej.ac.id, nangs66@yahoo.com


My mother Sumiati (55 th)  had a breast tumor is inoperable, growing again, and another operation, up to 4 times my surgery within 5 years. It made me very extra health to keep awake, and the tumor has not grown yet to grow again. Over time, because the cost of care and the more expensive drugs made me think to look for other alternatives and because I care about my health then I am looking for a drug that is not chemically or herbal medicines. ‘”Incidentally my son recommended by a friend who told  Orimarru greatness. So I tried 3 x daily 2 bottle caps. After 1 week of taking Orimarru, tumor / lump in my breast fade away. Then I do not drink it again some time because I feel my body is healthy. But it turns out that the lump started to appear again. “” Finally I decided to take it again and again until now. Because Orimarru not a drug that is chemically the mantaplah me to drink it continuously and I am sure there are no side effects that accompany it, because  Orimarru is OF NATURAL HEALING” (my mobile number: 085641098222)


I had pain in the back of the shoulder, feeling the hardness as interested. Then I felt always tingling hands, to interfere with the activity of cooking every day since I got food stalls. But the saddest thing was when I was not able to freely carry my grandchildren, because the hands are always numb. “” Finally, I check to one of the leading private hospitals, lab results showed my cholesterol level reached 366, and my blood pressure monitor 180/100, after that I was given the drug. “” got home I showed the drug to my child who happens to be a medical practitioner, but instead he said “mom first try with the herbs, there are” ORIMARRU “…” I immediately eat for 4 days, after which My body feels light, tingling hands no longer. Then I check to the lab again, apparently my cholesterol dropped to 166, and my blood pressure monitor 130/90. “Alhamdulillah, thanks to Allah Ta’ala then through my son showed Orimarru now my normal activities again.” Ms. Harini Setiawan, Lodoyong Ambarawa, HP 081390486585


I Wanti, having a disease that is feared by all women, which is Breast Cancer on the right. The disease is so tormented me that I almost gave up, in 2004 I did a surgery at the hospital, right breast removed. “” But in 2010 a lump appeared again on the left, as a result my breasts ached and my hands can not be moved again. I was advised by the hospital to undergo surgery again, I was feeling devastated and can not think anymore. “” Thank God when my son came home from work in Semarang, he brought a bottle Orimarru and I immediately drank it, after almost half a bottle … Great … Gusti Allah gives me a change to the disease. “” Lumps of chicken eggs has now shrunk stay of a marble, and hand I was able to be moved again, so that I can work again in the garden. ‘”Alhamdulillah through Orimarru product you give me cure the disease.” Wanti, Kampung Pakis, District Ngablak, Magelang, my son FAYAKUN 081 225 430 097 Hp.
I was preparing this testimony, may be useful for the brothers who read it. “” Nearly eight years I have the disease are: High cholesterol 480 mg / dl, Blood Sugar 230, and Uric Acid 8, is based on a routine that I do in the lab area health district. Semarang. “For nearly eight years I was also taking medication for my illness is. When I was introduced to the product Orimarru at first I did not believe it, because I feel this product only made by local company. Frankly I consume Orimarru first just to prove whether there is true or just a hoax properties only. “After I took over a week, I checked again to the laboratory, it was not just me who was surprised by the results, even the doctor ordered a re-examination in the laboratory up to 3 times.” “My Cholesterol DOWN to 180, my Blood Sugar DOWN to 150, and Uric Acid drops to 5. And now that I’m no longer a dependency with chemical drugs. This is how it turned out local products are not inferior to foreign products that are expensive, with this experience I recommend Orimarru as the right solution placebo effect. “Drs. TYAS ISWINARSO, MM, Head of Manpower, Transmigration and Social Semarang regency.


My husband worked as a junior high school principal HJ. ISRIYATI in Semarang, so the activity once or densely busy as he is also believed by some civil society organizations for social activities of a general nature or of religion, as busy as a wife so I was very worried about his health. “” Until finally, on March 15, 2011 my husband experiencing poor health condition. We also consult a doctor of internal medicine Blood Sugar When it was found (GDS) 250, blood pressure 160/110. Surely this makes me even more worried because the numbers show that my husband is detected pre diabetes mellitus and hypertension. Drugs from the Doctor kept us drink. “On March 27, 2011 I was recommended by my brother to take Orimarru without leaving medication from a doctor. He said there are already some experience with great results after drinking. Alhamdulillah … the day after consuming Orimarru or on March 28, 2011 Orimarru results began to appear, my husband started to look vibrant and not dull anymore. “Every day right after a meal, my husband always consume Orimarru which he so much more comfortable digestion which initially often feel bloated (one complaint of people with DM). Then on the 2nd of April 2011 we control to determine the extent of success of therapy my husband lived. Subhanallah … Alhamdulillah … GDS my husband went down to 150, a blood pressure 110/70. All became normal. Thanks Orimarru … muach … muach … 3x Success ya … Orimarru. “Drs. MUSYADAT Maskur, HP. 08812419179


I’m Tina, Marketing in a pharmaceutical company in Indonesia. Of course, knowledge of medicines to be one skill should I have to run a good job. It sometimes makes me personally not convinced of new drugs capable of promising efficacy for various diseases. “” I am a loyal customer sprue disease, I’ve used drugs leading to overcome, even often to the doctor for this problem . However, after I met Orimarru and drink at night, and when you wake up in the morning … it miracle … skin surface exposed to white canker sores, tissues weaken and gradually disappear within in a very go to fast, only has an effect in 1 day usefulness. “” Now I believe, really is a breakthrough for the Orimarru not patiently bear the pain of canker sores. And for those who recognize and appreciate the importance of health investment, because Orimarru after I consume every day is not easy anymore I got thrush and the body more fit. Thanks Orimarru Love … “ Tina Oktavia, Semarang, HP 081325447712
My wife Sundiyah (40 years old) suffered a very complex disease, from gout, kidney inflammation, diabetes and so on. The disease is sometimes better, sometimes appearing again. Peak pain occurs in February 2011, which at the time was my wife’s condition drop alias could not get up. Within one week I had to take care of him. All he needs, such as starting to urinate, eat, move, etc. depend on others. “” Various kinds of medicine, medical chinese medicine (sinshe), massage we had to do to cure his wife. As of early June 2011, someone introduced Orimarru, herbal made from fermented honey. Orimarru contains one positive microbes augment immune function. Since then a very regular wife, my children consume Orimarru. Not even a half-hearted we immediately bought 60 bottles (3 cartons), because we believe Orimarru it can also be a very profitable business. ” Now or mid-June 2011, my wife’s condition began to experience health. Even if the morning had dared to walk up to 5 miles. Alhamdulillah, Allah Akbar, what are we waiting for this to come as well. Are not herbs with honey is also one of the pillars of the Islamic Shari’a. “ Herman, Warungkopat, Kalipuro, Banyuwangi, Tel. 081234634505

Bu Unamah (61 years) is my brother-in-law (Day Suhartono) living in Bandung. Friday October 14, 2011 check lab results showed his blood sugar and blood pressure 448 140. It’s a variety of drugs consumed, even mas Today is the agent propolis in Bandung. But the law does not heal the disease. Saturday, October 15, 2011, through the aid of a preacher who had just graduated Hidayatullah (Abdurrahman Sunding) of the College Luqman Al-Hakim posted2 bottles ORIMARRU to that address. I’m actually a little worried, what could be up to send the mail is much less ORIMARRU glass bottles. My anxiety disappeared because such items to address. On 15 November 2011 I rang hp incoming messages from mas Day: in-law after drinking Orimarru 1 week routine blood sugar which was originally 448 down to 240. (Source: http://orimarrupeduli.blogspot.com/2012/01/bu-unamah-penderita-diabetes-yang.html)

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