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To determine how much dose Orimarru patient should be taken, whether the dose Cleansing, Protecting, or Balancing, the first blood test should ideally be done by using the Microscope Live Blood Analyisis (LBA). The microscope is a device used to magnify objects that can not be seen with the naked eye. Meanwhile, LBA Microscopes is the microscope that can detect diseases that exist in a person’s blood. Live Blood Analysis (LBA), which is also known as live blood cell analysis, or tests with darkfield microscopy, which is very powerful microscope that is connected to the high resolution camera.

Mikroskop LBA

For those of you businessman Orimarru, then checks the patient’s blood before determining the proper dosage Orimarru absolutely necessary, but to give confidence to the patient that there is a positive effect after drinking Orimarru.

Price Microscope LBA manufacturers have facilities darkfield (dark background), which enables diseases in the blood can be seen, quite expensive and drain bag. For example, the price of the Olympus microscope CHBS Microscope – All Olympus 4x, 10x, 40x FL, HI 100x reach $ 749 or if it is the exchange rate plus shipping, it reaches about 80 million rupiahs, expensive doesn’t it?

Thus, we provide the facility LBA darkfield microscope, warranty, and has a quality not inferior to the microscope manufacturer. Consider an example of the picture below:


Gambar perbesaran 40 per 0.65

Here is the sample microscope:

These specifications of  Orimarru Microscope:

  •     Body-modified darkfield microscope;

  •     Style binoclular

  •     4 pieces of lens magnification 160/0.17, 100/1.25, 40/0.65, 10/0.25;

  •     High resolution camera modifications, connect to TV / LED / LCD / LCD projector;

  •     The light microscope modifications are more resistant turned cooler so many hours;

  •     1 year warranty and usage instructions for interpretation analysis LBA;

  •     Packing wooden box

How much for this Orimarru microscope??

  •  Price microscopy is between 8-10 million dollars, depending on fluctuations in the market price of the component

How long this Orimarru workmanship booking microscope??

  •     Insya Allah takes about 1-2 weeks

How do I order this Orimarru microscope??

  • Enough with the down payment of 1.5 million rupiahs, and please contact us at:



  •     IDR 150.000, -/bottle-300 ml
  •     d.a.  Tjahyo Nugroho Adji
  •     Mobile: 08122967492
  •     Bank  BNI – No. 0174148416  Tjahyo Nugroho Adji
  •     Bank Mandiri – No. 137.000.4960.049 Tjahyo Nugroho Adji
  •     Address: Pondok Gemilang A-12, Sendangadi, Mlati, Sleman, Jogjakarta, Indonesia


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