Orimarru Production Processess

The consumer Orimarru, have you ever imagined how all Orimarru 1 bottle 300 cc produced? Ranging from raw materials, raw material extraction, storage, packing, etc..

Do you all want to know the production process so that this world class presented Herbs?? Just listened to it slowly and carefully, and do not forget .. he .. he .. if you want to order Orimarru, just message us on 082328689327   free postage Java, Bali, Lampung … God willing, we seek a mandate to send your order as quickly as maybe … please enjoy our offerings this … Barakallahufiikum ..

1. Selection of quality basic material

Mangosteen (?? 3-isomangoestein,?? Alpha mangostin,?? Gamma-mangostin,?? Garcinone A,?? Garcinone B, C, D and E garcinone,?? Maclurin,?? Mangostenol). Mangosteen Benefits:?? Anticancer,?? Overcome Coronary Heart Disease,?? For inhibiting growth of bacteria, Propionibacterium acnes and Staphylococcus epidermidis


Research on mangosteen:? A study in Singapore showed that the antioxidant properties of the mangosteen fruit is much more effective when compared with antioxidants on rambutan and durian.?? From various research content of xanthones and their derivatives effective against kankerpayudara in vitro, and vascular medicine.?? Efficacy garcinone E (deviratxanthone) is far more effective to inhibit cancer when compared with cancer drugs such as flaraucil, cisplatin, vincristine, metohotrexete, and mitoxiantrone. (Source: Kasma Iswar and Tri Sudaryono, BPTP 2012)
Ant nests (Myrmecodia), the parameters studied in the factory Orimarru is:?? Energy,?? Levels of water,?? Ash content,?? Levels of fat,?? Levels of protein,?? Levels of carbohydrates,?? Tocopherol,?? Total phenol,?? calcium (Ca),?? Sodium (Na),?? Potassium (K),?? zinc (Zn),?? Iron (Fe),?? Phosphorus (P),?? Magnesium (Mg)


Ant benefits:?? Treating Cardiac disorders,?? Smooth Circulation of Blood,?? Treating Renal dysfunction and prostate, Treating Arthritis,-The study was also conducted by students of Faculty of Medicine, ant proved able to inhibit and even kill cancer cells. Besides being able to prove the efficacy of ant nests for cancer treatment, research, entitled ‘Myrmecodia Peden: Alternative Breast Cancer Chemotherapy with Minimal Side Effects’
Fermented honey, it implies:?? Vitamins,?? Mineral,?? Proteins,?? Substance carbohydrate,?? Hormones antibiotic,?? Trace element,?? Vitamin A,?? Vitamin B complex,?? Beta carotene vitamins CDE and K,?? Minerals in the form of salt: Mg, S, Fe, Ca, Cl, K, Na, Cu and Mn,?? Pure honey contains active enzymes that humans can not be in production.


Benefits of Honey:?? Improve stamina, vitality and energy,?? Heal wounds,?? Burns,?? Sprue,?? Pain in the joints,?? Fever,?? Warms the body,?? Sick stomach,?? Cough ,?? Smooth skin (mask / scrub),?? Drying acne?? tonic,?? Good for baby,?? Insomnia,?? Accelerate healing. Sementari it?? Prof. DR. H. Muhilal, describes the nutrient content of honey, amino acids, carbohydrates, protein, some vitamins and minerals are nutrients that are easily absorbed in honey body cells. Free amino acids in honey can help cure diseases, as well as the formation of the neurotransmitter substance or compound that plays a role in optimizing brain function. Antibiotic substances is useful for defeating pantogen germs that cause infectious diseases, inhibiting the growth of bacteria and accelerate wound healing.

2. Basic material extraction process

Use?? Machine and extractor?? Engines Evaporator with?? Systems Vacuum with temperature less than 50 degrees C with a stirring system.


The process of making liquid extracts, namely?? Results of Liquid Extract Mangosteen materials and Ants Nest Forum of Quality Inspection liquid extract by Quality Control


3. Evaporation or vaporization

Done by machine evaporator,?? resulted in a viscous extract, and then examined the quality of the extract by Quality Control.


4. The mixing process between mangosteen extract, extract ant nest, and fermented honey, and then storage



5. Bottle Filling process Orimarru

Volume of 330 ml,?? Engine Speed: 28 bottles / min,?? Capacity / day: 10,000 pershift, There are 4 nozzle

Fill the bottle
6. Bottle Closure Process
bottle caps
7. Secondary Packaging Process
secondary packaging
8. Process with Shrink Tunnel Packaging
-shrink packaging
9. Tertiary Packaging Process
tertiary packaging

isi botol

tutup botol



kemasan tersier



11. Combat Ready Orimarru

Source: excerpted from a presentation by PT. ASIMAS in Lawang, Malang, East Java, at the time of presentation of the production flow-Orimarru Orimarru Gathering, Date 2-Mar-2013.

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