Orimarru Orimaru in Bunyu Island, East Borneo

Bismillah, in the early 2013’s, Orimarru Agents Tarakan, Bp. First Lieutenant Setijo Endro Budi, was asked by the local community leaders to introduce products Herbal Orimarru this Bunyu Island. Turned out to welcome the incredible and even brought about 40 bottles hired exhausted residents. In fact, some father district on the island of Tarakan Orimarru Agent Bunyu asked to come again for a great public interest, which requires even for a limitation of a maximum of 100 patients a day for examination under a microscope LBA.

pulau bunyu
So, how do people respond P. Bunyu, Kaltim after taking Orimarru, here are some of their testimonials:

My mother Aisha, 61 years old, people with blood viscosity, high cholesterol, and hypertension. Since 3 years ago I had a headache because of high blood pressure (200/110), as a result the body becomes weak, not strong enough to walk, and easily tired, and often out of the hospital. In th. January 16, 2013 I just got out of the hospital, and could not do anything even to eat and go to the bathroom. In th. January 18, 2013, upon hearing the news of blood under the microscope LBA Bunyu Island, East Kalimantan, by First Lieutenant Endro from Tarakan, the child was picked up, I came to check on the condition of the blood. Once in check and ORIMARU ORIMARRU therapy, with the permission of Allah Ta’ala cash because, miraculously my condition became much better and was able to work on my needs without assistance again. Hopefully this Bunyu Island there are many more who will benefit from the miraculous efficacy ORIMARRU (HP: 081 347 611 576)

My niece, M. Zakaria (4 th), her legs stiff as a child begins with a fever and cough. Until now have not been able to walk, and even hard to stand. Already tried massaged and taken to the hospital repeatedly no results. The doctor said there is a nerve block nerve in the leg. Then I was told there was blood under a microscope LBA that the results can be viewed directly on the screen. Encouraged desire to recover my nephew, so I took it and upon inspection it appears the problem in my blood nephew. Then after therapy with ORIMARRU for 4 days, thank God there is a change from the original in both legs stiff, now began to limp and warm, and the more encouraging longer now can start the vines, hopefully the day with Herbal ORIMARRU and the Licensed Allah Ta ‘ ala my nephew could run as peers (Mother Sautik, Bunyu Island, Mobile: 081 347 219 072)

Sukamsih, my wife, since 2007 had pains in her stomach. Had to be hospitalized and given a colon tumor that required surgery. Hearing the word surgery, my wife immediately refused and made it more stressful, and then I bring back in a state can not sit. In the confusion implied condition to seek alternative treatment with herbs. Alhamdulillah Allah Almighty took me to First Lieutenant and was introduced with Herbal Endro ORIMARRU ORIMARU. After 3 days of taking a dose of cleansing, my wife was able to stand up straight and can even go as far as 50 meters, and no longer operated. God we pray kehadiratMu O God, who by reason ORIMARRU now my wife has fully recovered as usual (Pak Tawiyo, P. Bunyu, Mobile: 085 815 143 379)

In 2004, my wife, Susana, have diabetes. At that time I worked at Pertamina. My wife sugar reached 500, and the left eye resulting in blindness, is often out of the hospital, and this went on until I retire. And what’s worse, because it is too often given chemical drugs, the heart, kidneys, stomach and my wife became less normal function. At the end of 2012, delivered by a teacher of my acquaintance who recovered from diabetes after taking herbal ORIMARRU. At first I was not sure, though later I tried for my wife. No eating Orimarru 1 month, my wife recovering from sickness sugar. Finally, I invite First Lieutenant Endro to do blood tests Bunyu Island, and the people here are very grateful (Mark Lamatokan, Mobile: 081 347 611 576).

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