I Want to Conduct Orimarru business but I don’t have a microscope LBA, is that possible?



Part-1. What is the function of blood tests Orimarru with LBA Microscopes?

Of course there are questions from readers and users Orimarru Orimaru, WHAT IS DOSE PROTECTING-BALANCING CLEANSING???, And how many doses Orimarru Orimaru is right for me? God willing, this paper will be a little peeling and provide a way out so that you all users will be able to consume Orimarru Orimaru Orimarru Orimaru with fitting and of course … SAVE. I s not the price of a bottle Orimarru Orimaru .. as much as 330 ml  ….expensive  enough?? … Rp. 150.000/botlle …??


1. In the pack / bottle Orimarru Orimaru described dose by drinking, is as follows:

Combine 2 tablespoons orimaru into a single glass of water (200 ml);

  •     Combine 2 tablespoons orimaru into a single glass of water (200 ml);

  •     Drink after meals and before bed, ideally 3 times a day;

  •     If you are taking medicine physician, Orimarru taken 1 hour before or after taking the drug;

With doses as mentioned, it Orimarru Orimaru 1 bottle (330 ml) will run for 7-9 days (if taken 3 times a day) and will be out for 15-19 days (if taken 2 times a day)

2. Drink a dose Orimarru appropriate conditions a person’s blood, his blood tested after the relevant LBA with a microscope, the levels are as follows:

  •  DOSAGE CLEANSING, the dose taken ill person (1 BOTTLE – 1 WEEK OUT), as indicated by the presence of severe blood viscosity (rouleaux) and is also indicated by the number of impurities in the blood which is pretty much when viewed on a microscope LBA , for example:

Pengentalan darah
Blood coagulation



Kristal asam-urat
Uric-acid crystals


Dosages are recommended in order to recover the disease is dose CLEANSING – DETOXIFICATION for 1 week, which is the rule as follows:

  •     Morning: 3 cups water + 3 scoops orimarru before breakfast (replace your breakfast with a glass of fruit juice)

  •     Lunch: 3 cups water + 3 scoops orimarru half an hour before lunch (multiply eat foods that contain fiber)

  •     Nights: 3 cups water + 3 scoops Orimarru half an hour before dinner (at least 4 hours of sleep after dinner)

DOSAGE BALANCING, the dose is taken of people who have completed the program CLEANSING (after 1 week) or orrang are not overly thick blood. Dose drinking is 2 scoops Orimarru + a glass of water 2 times a day (at night before bed and in the morning before breakfast). With this dose, 1 bottle Orimarru will be exhausted in about 16-20 days.


Kondisi darah dosis PROTECTING
Protecting dose blood condition
  • DOSAGE PROTECTING, namely the dose to people who have good blood condition, and taking Orimaru done just for sanitation by keeping the blood pH. 1.5 teaspoon Orimarru + a glass of water 2 times a day (at night before bed and in the morning before breakfast). By balancing these doses, 1 bottle Orimarru will run for 25-30 days … now saving …??

  • Darah sehat cukup dosis BALANCING
    Blood healthy enough dose BALANCING

Similarly, as a drug, the dose and the herbal also need to drink to the health rules that we want can be achieved with an optimal and cost-efficient.

Part-2. What is the solution if no blood checks LBA Microscopes?

So how do those of you who want to do business Orimarru, but has not been able to buy a microscope LBA are quite expensive, and here are some tips based on our experience marketing Orimarru:
The use of the microscope in the Business Orimarru has two objectives:

  1. To convince a potential buyer of the positive effects Orimarru in patients who have poor blood condition, and

  2. To determine the good-bad condition of a person’s blood, which will then be used to determine the appropriate dose of drinking, as well as efficient.

For point 1. The trick is to test a person’s blood, and then displays them visually on the screen that is connected from the microscope. the majority of people will have a bad red blood cells (sticky, clumping, full of toxins, etc.. then patients or prospective buyers were treated with 1 cup orimarru cleansing dose (3 to eat orimarru plus 1 cup water), wait for 15-20 minutes , then test again. On the second test, the subhanallah, usually, if the way the test is true, then the blood will be seen to react positively, regardless gumpalannya, active and visible positive bacteria and white blood cells to clean the blood. essence blood be sehat.Nah, this way will be effective for us to come to the agencies, the presentation of the theory a little blood disease, blood tests and then practice on a fee basis (15-20 thousand plus 1 cup of therapy.) this way can usually Orimarru hard sell, especially if we are clever to choose the agency prospects (eg, economic sufficiency and a lot of employees who are affected by chronic diseases).

For point 2. The purpose that the second of the test is to determine how severe the condition of red blood cells, which will be used to determine whether the level of dose drink cleansing, balancing, or protecting, please see: http://orimarru.com/wp/?p = 47.

Now, the question is what if we want to sell Orimarru, but do not have tools such as microscopes LBA, want to buy a microscope Orimarru? Click here. If so, then it is not a problem for marketing reliable, because some of the following considerations:

  •     Orimarru name is well known in Indonesia;

  •     Orimarru already listed on the bottle drinking dose is as follows:

  1. Combine 2 tablespoons orimaru into a single glass of water (200 ml);

  2. Drink after meals and before bed, ideally 3 times a day;

  3. If taking medicine physician, Orimarru taken 1 hour before / taking medication

  • With the usual dose, it can be generally applied to all conditions of the prospective buyers, even though we do not have the tools to do a blood test visually. It’s just lack common dosing method: (1) for the patients who should be cleansing (high dose) for 1 week, then the usual dose is takes about 10-12 days, (2) for consumers who are very healthy, with a dose This general seem somewhat less efficient, because the usual dose, one bottle will run for 15-19 days (if taken 2x a day).

  •  We could use a laboratory blood test data on prospective buyers, for example if cholesterol, glucose, or uric acid is high, then point them at a dose of cleansing;

  • If this data was not on prospective customers, then ask them their medical condition, whether they had experienced frequent health complaints such as dizziness, fatigue, lethargy, or body feels sore and ached, then suggest cleansing dose for 1 first week, and prove the efficacy Orimarru in one week.

  • If you’ve got some skill Thibbun Nabawi or TCM, please refer to the severity of their medical condition by performing detection tongue, iris, or pulse, and so on. And define the appropriate dose Orimarru indication of the severity of their pain level.

Barakallahufiikum ..

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