Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) in drinking Orimarru herbal–part 1

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Are there any side effects after we drink Orimarru??

About the side effects of all medications, whether chemical or herbal course there are side effects, although the herb is believed to have fewer side effects. The most important thing here is
to diagnose the disease and give the right dose, so that side effects can be minimized or very small or nil. So, before taking Orimarru please refer to the following dosing Orimarru drinking: click here.
As far as our experience managing patients with Herbs Orimarru, sometimes encountered side effects, namely sekitarsebanyak 20% of patients. Some common side effects are:

  • Drowsiness, this may be due to the effect of the extract on Orimarru ant nests, but the effect is when you wake up the body refreshed and stiffness of joints to be lost;

  •  Toilet become a little more often with a kind of a little bit of experience, it is common in patients with dose CLEANSING. The explanation is the process of cleansing the impurities in the stomach, in the form of large molecules in the stomach which is cleaved into molecules by Lactobacillus from Orimarru who always have the energy splitting due beupa honey and propolis on Orimarru. This process runs as a positive reaction to microbial cleavage prebiotic then cleanse the intestinal wall of dirt over the years. This process usually lasts for 1-3 days while drinking Orimarru first time only. If the dose is too much without much water, sometimes mules stomach / nausea, the dose can be gradually reduced or added to a mixture of water and honey when drinking;

  •  Sometimes encountered patients feel dizzy, this is because the effects of the healing crisis (healing crisis) as belligerent microbial fermentation of honey Orimarru positive or negative for pathogenic microbes present in the patient’s body, sometimes healing crisis (healing crisis) is also found in patients with high uric acid will feel sore for a few days and then recovered,

  •  Excretion of toxins or impurities from the body while the patient Orimarru detoxification, toxins in the form of spending that has been decomposed by microbes positive, sometimes found out the water, accompanied by a buzzing sound from the eardrum (1-2 days). Regular discharges also be found when defecation (BAB) in the form of impurities such as egg. Plus, if the patient Orimarru experiencing these things, then this     be a sign that the toxins out of the body and has subsequently become fit and healthy patients. So make sure the right dose with the right guidance, given the dose consumed orimarru there is CLEANSING, Protecting, AND BALANCING

Is it safe for Toddlers Orimarru?

For toddlers, the testimony has shown, even a child whose mouth ulcer healed within just overnight after drinking Orimarru. At this toddler, make sure the dose is a dose Balancing, which is one tablespoon plus one cup of water. Insha Allah positive microbial Orimarru intake, energy and vitamins contained in Orimarru active substances will make your toddler healthy.

How Orimarru why can treat stroke patients?

Realization Orimarru work for stroke patients divided into several tasks:

  • Assignment of positive microbial fermented honey and other active substances that mangosteen extract and parse the anthill Orimarru / consuming cholesterol clogging the blood vessels / arteries to the heart

  •  Propolis on Orimarru that will repair damaged cells or paralyzed by a stroke;

  •  Flavonoids in honey ants will repair the body’s cells are damaged or paralyzed;

  •  Intake of nutrients and energy given to stroke patients to make the body feel fresh.

Why there are side effects chills, dizziness, or vertigo after drinking Orimarru?

Every process of cleansing, detoxification or excretion of toxins from the body, the majority of people will experience things like this. This is called a healing crisis (response body) affecting the types and levels vary in each person. For example, there are people who have experienced healing crisis such as fever, but not experienced by others, then it is the body’s response at early times with Orimarru detox that will last a while. Please read also, side effects Orimarru.

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