Evidence of the efficacy of mangosteen and mangosteen peel Orimarru New Formula



Here we present a bit of data from the study in different countries reveals that mangosteen juice or mangosteen peel (xanthone),which have been added to the New Formula Orimaru Orimarru proved very efficacious and proven to be more effective to cure chronic diseases, because the content of mangosteen ( xanthone) is complete. Moreover, it turns out research in various countries have shown the efficacy of these Xanthones. Please consider the following description:


Research by Taslim J Dwi Oktaviani and Ersan from the Department of Chemistry Institute of Technology 10 November has proved the potential of 1,4,5,7-tetrahidroksi xanthone-2 (1,1 dimethyl allyl) as new anticancer drugs. Mice were injected with a proven cancer-promoters benzapiren malondialdehyde value is almost the same as healthy mice.

Veerasamy Ravichandran and colleagues from the University of AIMST, Kedah, Malaysia, membuktikanbahwa extract from the leaves of mangosteen (garcinia mangostana) merupakansebagai nano-particle materials are environmentally friendly synthetic Selver and acts as an antibacterial in inhibiting bacterial E. effective coli and S. aureus.

Isolation results of a0-and B-mangostin from mangosteen rind extract serves as a potential anti-inflammatory properties. Both inhibited the production of PGE2 from lopopolisakarida. The study was conducted by Lih Chen and colleagues from the University Geeng Road and Taipei Medical University in Taiwan.

Primchanien Moongkarndi and colleagues from the Faculty of Pharmacy, Mahidol University, Thailand, proving that the methanol extract of mangosteen peel potent inhibiting the growth of breast cancer cells. The process by this mangosteen mendeterminasi morphological changes and DNA fragments oligonukleosomal and inhibit the production of reactive oxygen species (ROS) in breast cancer cells.

Jing J. Wang and their colleagues, researchers from Flinders University, Australia, proving that three xanthone compounds – a-mangostin, y-mangostin, and 8-deoxygartanin melalona, proved effective against cells that cause skin cancer malignant. A-mangostin dose of 7.5 lg / ml caused the death of cancerous tissue by 59.6%.

Xanthone derived compounds-ay-mangostin and mangostin proved effective as an anti-cancer. Ji_hye by Yoo and colleagues at the Natural Products Research Center, Korea Institute of Science and Technology, Korea, proving that mangostin inhibits colon cancer cell proliferation and mRNA activity propagation TFC / B-catenin are involved in the formation of cancer cells.

India 1
Researchers from the University of Madras, Chennai, India, suggest pengguanaan a-mangostin as cardiotoxic cathecolamine deterrent against b-adrenergic-causing oxidative stress. Mechanism to maintain membrane integrity and reduces myocardial TNF-a is not normal and COX-2 expression, and repair damaged cells.

India 2
Researchers from the Foundation of Sciene Latin America, India, managed to isolate some xanthones from mangosteen rind. Results showed xanthone is a potent anti-fungal and inhibit the growth of Fusarium oxysporum vasinvectum, Alternaria tenuis, and Dreschlera oryzae.

Garcinone E-xanthones were revealed to be potentially cytotoxic compounds on liver cancer cells. Similar results were also found in the test results of gastric cancer cells and lung cancer. That is the result of research CK Ho and colleagues from the Department of Medical Research and Education, Veterans General Hospital, China.

Six types of xanthones isolated from the fruit peel G. mangostana shown to inhibit the growth ambuh HL60 cells contained in leukemia cells. Results K Matsumoto and colleagues from Gifu International Institute of Biotechnology, also showed that at a dose of 10μM, a-mangostin could inhibit the growth of cancer cells in full through the process of apoptosis.

5 of 12 aminoalkanolic-compounds in the mangosteen / xanthones shown to inhibit thrombin-induced platelet aggregation results. According to Grazyna Rajtar and colleagues from the University Medical School, Poland, compound R-(+)-2-N-(7-chloro-2-N-methylamino-1-butanol at a concentration of 40 ug / ml is a member of the optimum effect for healing.

Researchers from the Universite de Lausanne, Switzerland, proving oxydases most powerful mangosteen inhibits oxidase (MAO) with IC50 0.8 pM compared to non-aromatic hydrocarbons and other compounds a substitution. Deficiency or excess of MAO unfavorable outcome in psychiatric and neurological disorders.

HA Jung and colleagues from the Faculty of Pharmacy, The Ohio State University, USA managed to isolate compound 14 mangosteen. All these compounds have potent antioxidant activity. The results of in vitro tests, a-mangostin could inhibit the growth of cancer cells with IC50 values of 1 mg / mL (2:44 pM).
Sources: http://herbalist-obattradisional.blogspot.com
So why should buy special herbal skin mangosteen juice instead?
Is not the more complete Orimarru abortion? Is not than Xanthones, Orimarru also contain (1) fermented honey, (2) myrmecodia, and (3) propolis?

Orimarru, complete herbal, herb contains more efficacious and complete.

Insya Allah heals more potent, and more SAVE.


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