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PART-1: Business Facts Orimarru

Alhamdulillah, since we started introducing ORIMARRU ORIMARU to the communities in Yogyakarta Jogjakarta in November 2011, has sold 1505 bottles (we continually update the data). Apparently, public remarks against LIQUID MAGIC is so warm and easy in marketing at all levels of society.

Total Bottle Sold By August 2012

From the observation, nearly 80% of consumers were satisfied with the efficacy of fermented honey and red ant nest is on ORIMARU ORIMARRU. They feel the quality of health improved, and various types of illnesses they have suffered over the years, gradually improved.

Most of them also come back again to buy or order a bottle ORIMARU ORIMARRU (Miraculous), and they recommended this product to friends, neighbors, or relatives. Be Miraculous marketing has become a lot easier.

Imagine, if of selling 1 bottle we got about 35-40 thousand in net income, the total number of net profit if it sold 1505bottles? Nearly  50 million rupiahs instead.

Finally, all this convenience comes only from Allah Ta’ala alone, and hopefully in the future, it continues to be easy to give Allah Ta’ala. But if the opposite happens, as well, it comes also from Allah Ta’ala. Only to Him our sole trust

PART-2: How to Business Orimarru

How to-no. 1. You enough to invest Rp. 10.000.000, – (ten million rupiahs). With this amount, you are entitled to get your business right with the details:

  • Products Orimarru number 1 carton or 12 bottles Orimarru;

  • 1 piece Microscope Live Blood Analysis-LBA;

  • Microscope user LBA and training to be able to operate;

  • Consultation and guidance for an agent.

How to-no. 2.  If the way to-1 have not been able to, it can be a reseller / sub-agents, ie simply by way of purchase / wholesale minimum of 1 carton (12 bottles) Orimarru, with the price per bottle to obtain a special discount of interest.

Please, you can choose one scenario as you like, please contact:

Distributor  ORIMARRU Indonesia, HP:08122967492


  •     IDR 150.000, -/bottle-300 ml
  •     d.a.  Tjahyo Nugroho Adji
  •     Mobile: 08122967492
  •     Bank  BNI – No. 0174148416  Tjahyo Nugroho Adji
  •     Bank Mandiri – No. 137.000.4960.049 Tjahyo Nugroho Adji
  •     Address: Pondok Gemilang A-12, Sendangadi, Mlati, Sleman, Jogjakarta, Indonesia


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