Herb is also poison – the importance to determine Orimarru Drinking Dosage



Although in the category of herbal and made from 100% organic ingredients, but have often found that apparently has been found that some side effects in patients when taking Orimarru without proper dose. So, from this it can be concluded that if the dose is not right then the herbs can also cause toxins in the body and create a reaction in the form of a side effect of a person’s body.

100% organic herbs

So, how to determine the dose or the rules of proper drinking at someone?

To determine the appropriate dose uyang ideally a patient should first check the condition of the blood with LBA Microscopes, so it would appear blood diseases that exist in these patients. Here are examples of the blood disease most often found in patients.


Pengentalan darah
Blood coagulation


Cholesterol crystals
Kristal asam-urat
Uric-acid crystals

If the condition has been seen visually, whether the severe level, medium, or well, the dose then Orimarru matching can be applied. If there is no opportunity to do a blood test with a microscope LBA, then the blood of laboratory tests may also be used as a reference. In the rules of supply and Orimarru dose, dose 3 levels known are:

  •     Cleansing (detoxification / remove toxins from the body);

  •     Protecting (balance mikriflora intestine);

  •     Balancing (increasing immunity / prevent disease).

  1.     DOSAGE CLEANSING, namely drinking dose for terminally ill patients. With this dosage 1 bottle Orimarru be consumed for 1 week. The following rules and dose drinking:

1 minggu cleansing dengan Orimarru - temukan keajaibannya

1 week cleansing with Orimarru – discover the magic

2. Protecting DOSE, the dose of patients who have completed the program CLEANSING (after 1 week) or orrang yangdarahnya not too thick. The dose is 2 tablespoons drinking Orimarru mixed in a glass of water as much as 2 times a day (at night before bed and in the morning before breakfast). With this dose, then 1 bottle Orimarru will be exhausted in about 15-18 days.

Kondisi darah dosis PROTECTING

Protecting dose blood picture

3. DOSAGE BALANCING, the dose for a good healthy blood cell condition. Consumption Orimaru done just to maintain immunity or health by maintaining the pH of the blood. Rules are drinking as much as 1.5 Orimarru tablespoon mixed in a glass of water 2 times a day (at night before bed and in the morning before breakfast). By balancing these doses, 1 bottle Orimarru will run for 26-30 days

Darah sehat cukup dosis BALANCING
Blood healthy enough to drink a dose BALANCING

Meanwhile, if we look at the box or bottle Orimarru Orimaru have disebutkandosis drinking rules method, is as follows:

  •     Combine 2 tablespoons of Orimaru into a single glass of water (200 ml);

  •     Drink after meals and before bed, ideally 3 times a day;

  •     If you are taking medicine physician, Orimarru taken 1 hour before or after taking the drug;

With doses as mentioned, it Orimarru Orimaru 1 bottle (330 ml) will run for 7-9 days (if taken 3 times a day) and will be out for 15-19 days (if taken 2 times a day)

Thus the reader as well as medication from the doctor, then Orimarru Herbs also need a dose of health and drinking rules that we want can be achieved with an optimal and cost-efficient.
Barakallahufiikum, wa jazakallahu khairan


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