Ingredients and Efficacy of Herbal Orimarru


What are the contents and properties contained on product HERBAL ORIMARRU??
Cleansing Functions – Protecting – Balancing Herbal ORIMARRU

Fungsi Cleansing - Protecting - Balancing Herbal ORIMARRU

ORIMARRU made from a mixture of several herbs, each of which has special properties, namely (1) fermented honey, (2) Extract the red ant nest Papua (Myrmecodia), (3) Propolis, (4) Mangosteen Juice / Skin Xanthones and Mangosteen; (4) Water.

Because of the diversity of the content of the herbs, the result of each 1 ml ORIMARRU contained a number of positive bacteria or microbes (probiotics and prebiotics) the type and number that have been studied in the lab. Microbiology UNS, is as follows:


Kandungan mikroba positif Orimarru
With positive in microbial content, then in 1 ml / cc ORIMARRU, the number of positive microbes it contains the same / equivalent to 60x the content of microbes that exist in 1 bottle of Yakult products, extraordinary is not it?? Positive microbial function ORIMARRU

Fungsi mikroba positif ORIMARRU


Fungsi ekstrak sarang semut (myrmecodia) ORIMARRU


Fungsi madu dan propolis ORIMARRU

Xanthone manggis berkhasiat

Mangosteen Xanthones efficacious

Efficacy and Function Mangosteen and skin (Xanthones):

  •      anti-cancer microbe

  •      anti-inflammatory

  •      anti-oxidants

  •      lowering cholesterol

  •      antivirus

  •       antifungal

  •      antiparasitic

  •       Antiallergen

  •      Help lower blood pressure

  •      Helps fight fatigue

  •      Prevents stomach ulcers

  •      AIDS with weight loss

  •      Build immunity against diseases

  •      The heart protector

  •       combats diarrhea

  •      pain reducer

  •      analgesic

  •      Anti-Parkinson

  •      Anti-Alzheimer’s

  •      antidepressants

  •      reduce fever


  •     IDR 150.000, -/bottle-300 ml
  •     d.a.  Tjahyo Nugroho Adji
  •     Mobile: 08122967492
  •     Bank  BNI – No. 0174148416  Tjahyo Nugroho Adji
  •     Bank Mandiri – No. 137.000.4960.049 Tjahyo Nugroho Adji
  •     Address: Pondok Gemilang A-12, Sendangadi, Mlati, Sleman, Jogjakarta, Indonesia


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